Tuesday, 31 December 2013

La Cage Dorée

Portuguese couple live in Paris, work diligently in menial jobs and are exploited dreadfully by snooty Parisians. Discover they have a huge inheritance back in Portugal, feel guilty about leaving the people who rely on them, get cross when they realise they are being exploited. Meanwhile daughter of Portuguese gets pregnant with father's French boss's son. Eating, crying, singing, more eating, hilarity (?) ensue, resulting in some kind of happy ending in which daughter and son take up inheritance in Portugal, parents continue as before, (I think - not totally clear about this or what exactly the point of the whole thing is: are we supposed to admire the couple's diligence, be appalled at the hopelessness of their French employers; is Portuguese culture depicted as more authentic than French culture and, if so, [my impression is it was], why did the French love the film so much?) It was all great fun and the time passed quickly. Nevertheless, I'm not quite sure it made much sense.

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